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PMPmarkets is the premier marketplace in the Bahamas. Pay online with Kanoo, Sand Dollar digital currency or Cash On Delivery. If you need it or are looking to sell it, we’ve got you covered.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! PMP provides fast and efficient delivery every day, while offering real time tracking on your purchased goods.

PMP has numerous safeguard mechanisms in place to ensure both buyer and seller protection. This includes ensuring that the correct items are delivered to purchasers prior to the disbursement of funds to the seller, in addition to ensuring that the seller receives proper and legitimate legal tender (money) at the conclusion of every transaction.

– PMP’s success is dependent on the success of our vendors. We make money when you make money. Our fee structure is one whereas PMP makes a small percentage of every sale that is transacted through our platform. Therefore, if a vendor does not make any sales through PMP, there is no hidden fee that they must still pay to remain a vendor on our platform. The main benefit is that we do not cut into vendors’ profits, as our small fee percentage is absorbed solely by consumers.

We aspire to boost the country’s economy by providing many businesses, especially small businesses and sole proprietorships, the opportunity to have an online presence to market their inventory/services, and offer delivery.

It’s quite simple, all you have to do is follow three main steps:

A) Log on to our user friendly website/ download our app
B) Make a PMP user account
C) Post your item/service, with its description and price